Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Makeup Giveaway Competition

Here are all the details you will need to know about my giveaway, but first let me tell you a little bit about each product – so you know what you could be winning! Please note as I have mentioned, some of these products are brand new and others have only been used once. I have cleaned and sterilized all products so they are safe to use on youself.

Crown Brush Professional 78 Palette
This has been used once – 3 colours to be exact! This palette contains 60 eye shadows, 12 eyeliner colours (can also be used as eyeshadow) and 6 blusher colours. This palette contains all the colours you would need to create any look from a neutral smokey eye to a bright colourful eye.

 New CID Natural Wardrobe Palette
Again I have only used this palette once. This palette contains 10 eyeshadows – all neutral colours which compliment any eye colour. There is a mix of matte and shimmer shadows in this palette. There is also a black eye liner pencil in this palette too.

Sleek blushers
I have a few Sleek blushers that I haven’t even touched at all. The colours are Life’s A Peach (orange), Flamingo (pink) and a blush trio of Lantern, Squash and P Pie (orange/pink based). All Sleek products have amazing pigment, which is great in a blusher as you don’t need to use a lot of product.

Illamasqua Bronzing Duo – Glint & Writhe
You should all know by now that I am not a fan of bronzer and this is the reason I’m giving this away. I bought this thinking it was a contour kit when in fact it’s not therefore it has never been touched and is as good as new. It contains 2 shades of bronzer to give your face and body and nice bronzed glow. You could however contour using the darker shade but bare in mind it does contain a shimmer so won’t work as well. I’m really selling this product to you all.. haha but I’m sure a lover of bronzer will love this product!

New CID i-gel trio – Bronze, Copper and Stone
This gel liner is amazing! It comes with three different shades to mix and match. Using a brown liner on your eyes can be very natural for an everyday look but still makes your eyes stand out. As you can see in the picture it has been used once on one colour. It is waterproof and smudge proof so you will need to work quickly with the product.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment – Zeitgeist
Never used this product before because a loose pigment is too messy for my kit. This can be used on the face or body and it a complete black pigment with tiny sparkles through it. It can be used dry or wetting it will create a metallic finish. Loose pigments are great as they are so versatile.

MAC Paints – Bare Canvas
Used this product a few times. This is great for people with oily eyelids or people that find their eye makeup doesn’t last. It is a tinted primer for your eyes. Apply your foundation as usual then apply a small amount of the paint all over your eyelid and carry on with eye makeup. You will find the eye makeup will adhere to the lid better and the pigment in the shadow will be a lot brighter with a base underneath. This is also lovely to use on its own if you want to just even out skintone in this area.

Illamasqua Sonnet Lipstick
Everybody needs a nude lipstick in their collection – I definitely have too many. This is a lovely matte nude shade, it is quite a light nude with a hint of pink. It is so similar to MAC Myth but a lot more matte. The pigmentation is amazing so a little goes a long way. This lipstick has been used once and is as good as new. If you don't like the matte finish you can always pop a gloss over the top.

Eldora H143 Lashes
These are very full thick lashes that give your lashes a lot of volume as well as length. They are longer at the outer corners which create a more feminine look and make eyes appear more oval shaped and bigger. These lashes are made out of real hair which means they are very light on your eyes and you will hardly be able to feel them on. They can be reused 6 or 7 times depending if you look after them. The pack also contains glue. These lashes are brand new and have not been touched.

So here is how to enter…
This competition is open on Facebook and also on Instagram as I know some people have deleted their Facebook accounts that want to enter. The competition is open to the UK only. There is no limit on how many times you can enter and you can enter both on Facebook and Instagram. There will be one winner and the winner will be picked by random and will be announced on Thursday the 25th of September.

How to enter on Facebook:
1.    Like Eren Saygilier Makeup facebook page.
2.    Like this Giveaway post.
3.    Share this post on your Facebook page.
4.    Comment on this post when you have done all these steps.

How to enter on Instagram:
1.    Follow me on Instagram @eren_saygilier
2.    Repost my Giveaway post on Instagram making sure to mention me in the post @eren_saygilier and with the hashtag #erensaygiliermakeup
3.    Make sure your profile isn’t private or else I won’t be able to see the reposted image.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Group Makeup Lessons

Seeing as my one to one makeup lessons are starting to get a lot more popular I thought it would be a good idea to offer a group makeup lesson package. Read on for more information... 

What to plan before the night...

So you would get a group of your friends organised. Before the night all come up with a topic/look you want me to demonstrate for you all to recreate, whether it's a picture of an eye look or you want to focus on contouring, smokey eyes or a vintage look for example whatever the choice is yours. 

What happens on the lesson? 

All group lessons will take place in MOD Hair and Beauty Salon in Berwick upon Tweed, that way everyone will have comfortable sections to sit at in front of a mirror and recreate the look I demonstrated. I will perform the demonstration lasting roughly 30 minutes on a member of the group then you will have an hour to go off to your sections and try and recreate the look I demonstrated either on yourself or on each other if you prefer. Bring along all your makeup bags and you will have access to my makeup kit in order for you to try new products. I will be going around each person and giving them one to one help when needed throughout the night. Once everyone has completed the look we will then get together and recap what we have covered. The group makeup lesson will last 2 hours. 


You are all welcome to bring along your own nibbles and bubbly as I want it to be a relaxed fun atmosphere. The group makeup lessons will be great for a girls night in, hen dos or even before a night out to get you started. You can also bring along any extras like music speakers etc to make it more suited to your group. Each person will also receive a handout sheet with everything we covered on the night so that you will never forget how to recreate that look. 

Pricing and Booking

For the group makeup lesson it costs £20 per person. Minimum booking of 4 people, maximum 8 - if you require more then get in touch and we can come to an arrangement. If you are wanting to use lashes in the makeup lesson then I can provide them for £5 extra per person.  The group makeup lessons would be late night bookings only (once the salon has closed - get in touch for closing hours). And I can also do Sunday and Mondays during the day. When choosing a look for me to demonstrate unfortunately we can only concentrate on one topic as there wouldn't be enough time on the night to cover everything so choose wisely! To book or for more information you can contact me on my email address: or you can send me a private message on my Facebook page You can also pop into MOD to speak with me personally or call the salon on 01289 308362. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

One to One Makeup Lessons

Ever thought of having a professional makeup artist teach you all the secrets in the makeup world? Learn how to apply your makeup flawlessly or how to create a gorgeous smokey eye for your nights out. Then you should definitely think of booking a makeup lesson. 

I have had a lot of people enquire about my one to one makeup lessons so I thought I should write it all down for you all to read. I hope you're sitting comfortably because I think it could be a long one! 

Do I need to book a makeup lesson?
A makeup lesson is for anyone. From beginner to pro I will be happy to teach anybody. If you are new to makeup and are struggling to find the right products or the technique to apply it then this would benefit you. If you are confident with makeup but want to experiment with smokey eyes or different makeup techniques and if you are a professional but just need some extra guidance or your skills freshened up then this is for you. 

What happens in a makeup lesson? 
Before the lesson we will discuss what you mainly want to focus on whether it's learning how to create a smokey eye or perfecting your everyday makeup routine. If you want to learn a lot of different techniques then I advise booking more than one lesson so that we have enough time to cover everything. I always get my clients to bring along their makeup bags as you may have products in there that you don't know how to use or can benefit you in another way. I do always have my kit with me too to give any product recommendations. Also in the lesson I always do half of the face and the client does the other half. This way you are learning and practicing at the same time. I also provide handout sheets based on the lesson & anything extra we have went over on the day I email another set of sheets more personalised for you. The lesson lasts roughly 1 and a half hours/two hours and is a lot of fun and you have the confidence to create the looks in comfort in MOD.
A Makeup Lesson is £60 for 1 and a half hours/two hours.

What's in the handout sheets?
The initial sheets you will receive at the lesson will be the basic tips and techniques on how to create the specific look you are wanting to learn. They usually contain face shape diagrams and eye shape diagrams so that you can identify what shape you have and how to apply the makeup accordingly. I also provide product recommendations. After the lesson I will then write up some more sheets for you which are more personalised to you and I will write up step by step instructions of the routine we did to apply the makeup including products and brushes we used, this way you will never forget how to do it!

More information on my Bridal Makeup Lessons...
If you are getting married abroad or just fancy doing your makeup yourself on your wedding day then booking a lesson beforehand is a good idea. Bridal makeup is totally different from everyday makeup and especially if you are getting married abroad. Firstly you won't be used to the temperature abroad and your products that you already have may not last in the heat. Secondly you need to be so careful when applying your makeup for photography. It is all about light layers and building up product. You also have to be extra careful that your blending is seamless as any harsh lines will show up in photographs. Lastly you cannot use products with a high SPF as in photographs it can create a white cast on your face due to the Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide particles reflecting on camera. Very complicated I know! And of course your skin is totally different in the sun, it tends to be more oily therefore you will need to learn how to tackle this.
In the trial we will go over any looks that you like, bringing in some pictures helps! The lesson lasts two hours which gives us enough time to go over looks, practice the looks and change it if you want. Like my other lessons I will get you to bring along your own makeup bag and I will do one half of the face and you the other. I recommend booking your bridal makeup lesson no less than 4 months until the big day as you want to give yourself enough time to practice the look so you will be able to do it effortlessly on the day, you also want to get yourself the products and make sure that your skin doesn't react to them! And of course as always after the makeup lesson I will type up more sheets of step by step instructions of everything we did that lesson suited to you.
A Bridal Makeup Lesson is £70 and includes a set of lashes of your choice.

Hope all this information helps and it is a good excuse to start experimenting with makeup and having some fun on the way! If you would like to book or have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

TAG | The Beauty Scenario

I've seen this blog go about for a wee while now and thought it was fun to read. Therefore I thought I'd do one myself as a fun way for you to all get to know me a bit! 

1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can only keep one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep?
I would probably keep my Illamasqua Skinbase foundation as it is amazing. I don't tend my buy drugstore foundations so can I keep 2? Hehe so I would then take my new Nars Sheer Glow foundation as I am also in love with this. 

2. You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?
I would definitely tell her. I would hate if I seen I had lipstick on my teeth throughout the whole interview and I'm sure she would to. Of course I'd tell her in a kind jokey way rather than making her feel embarrassed. 

3. You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
Hmmmm I would probably go for my Illamasqua Sangers lipstick which is a blood red colour. I can wear this with minimal makeup and it still looks lovely.

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup differently?
I would definitely tell myself to not go for the darkest foundation they sell. Clearly my face didn't match my chest! Thank god now I know how to colour match. 

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut, but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you a) Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum hysterical b) Cry in the chair and things get awkward or c) Complain to the manager and demand a refund.
Well considering my mums my hairdresser I would be allowed to cry, scream and complain but who knows I might actually like it! 

6. Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack. Which 'do it all' palette do you pack in your makeup bag?
Definitely my naked 3 palette but everyone knows I can't pack lightly so my whole kit would be coming with me even if I only use a few things out of it!

7. Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the product you really hope is safe?
Ahhhhh my worst nightmare!!! Probably all my lipstick palettes because I decanted the lipsticks myself and it took me ages and a lot of the lipsticks are limited edition. 

8. Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) Just pretend you haven't noticed b) Ask them to repurchase it or c) Secretly do the same to something of theirs
Probably A although deep down I would be furious. But I'll remember next time and if she wants to use it again then I'll suggest that I apply it for her. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Makeup Tutorial - Naked 3 Palette - everyday look.

I absolutely love the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette therefore I wanted to do a makeup look focussed around this palette. Read on to find out how I created this look...

I primed my face with Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer. I have really oily skin therefore this keeps my oiliness at bay and helps my makeup last all day. For my foundation I used Nars Sheer Glow, this was the first time trying it and I am so in love. It is a medium buildable coverage and leaves a lovely light dewy finish. It dries so quickly and doesn't need a lot of powder to set which is a bonus as I hate when foundation transfers to clothes etc. For my under eye concealer I used my old favourite - MAC Prolong concealer in NW20. Always choose an under eye concealer 2 shades lighter than your foundation as this will brighten your eyes and always make sure it is a liquid or a light formula. Stick concealers or creams tend to be too cakey for under your eyes. 

To contour I used a mix of cream and powder products. Firstly I used New CID i-conceal in Dark and blended that out with my Crownbrush Stippling brush and set this with New CID i-bronze in Rio. I added a touch of Nars blush in Amour which is a lovely matte pink. For my brows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate and applied this with an angled brush again from Crownbrush. This is quite hard to work with as it is a gel as apposed to a pencil or shadow. I like using this as it is smudge proof, waterproof and long wearing, it's especially good for my oily skin as normally by the end of the day my eyebrows are halfway down my face - not a good look. To define my brows and clean up the edges I applied my MAC concealer onto the brow bone. I set the highlighted areas with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light and around the outside of my face with the same powder but in Medium. 

So of course I used the Naked 3 palette - duh! I primed my eyes first with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden which came as a little tester with my palette. But once it runs out I will definitely be buying it for my kit. Basically it helps your eyeshadow last and really brings the pigment out. It also stops it from creasing and going patchy which again is a godsend for me and my oily eyelids. I first patted on 'Liar' all over my lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. I patted a few layers of this gorgeous browny grey colour. By patting and layering it means the shadow will last a lot longer. I applied 'Nooner' to my crease which is a matte brown, I always do this with every look as it just defines your eye socket and makes your eyes look bigger. I then mixed a tiny bit of 'Factory' and 'Mugshot' together and added this to the outer corner of my eye in the crease and blended it all out. I didn't want this look to be too dark that's why I only added a small amount. I sprayed some MAC Fix + spray onto a clean flat shadow brush and then dipped it into the colour 'Trick' which is a shimmery gold. I patted this lightly on the lid and inner corners of my eyes to highlight and brighten my eyes. I used fix + as I wanted the gold to really shimmer and by making the brush wet it gives the shadow a metallic like finish. I defined the bottom lash line with New CID eye pencil in soft brown and added a black winged liner to the top using Lancome Artliner. I added a set of Eldora False Eyelashes, unfortunately it didn't say what number they were on the box but they were one of their most natural lashes. 

Lips & Highlight
I am loving this lip duo at the minute. I used Illamasqua Woo lip liner to outline my lips and added MAC Myth lipstick on top, I then went back in with the lip liner to really define the edges. The lip liner is slightly darker which is a bit different but I really like how it makes my lips look a bit fuller without the need for a gloss! To highlight I of course used MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl and applied this to my cheekbones, brow bone, slightly down my nose and my cupids bow. As I was wearing a strappy top I also contoured and highlighted my collar bone using New CID i-bronze and i-glow in Sirocco. To finish this look off I gave myself a light spritz of Urban Decay All Nighter - Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. 

Well I hope you enjoyed reading how I did this look. It's so much harder explaining it in writing rather than just speaking so hopefully I wrote it in a way you can all understand. If you would like to see more makeup tutorials like this then please let me know. Or if you have any questions about this look or booking me then please get in touch. 

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

My top 5 favourite lipsticks

As you can imagine I have a HUGE collection of lipsticks so it's really hard for me to pick my 5 favourites! The ones I have selected are probably the ones I use on myself most often, day and night so here they are... 

1. New CID Cosmetics - Belle £16.00

This is a light berry pink colour with a hint of shimmer. These lipsticks are so moisturising and the lipstick lasts roughly 2-4 hours but it's never a problem for me as I don't mind touching up throughout the day. This colour is so unique as you can use it to brighten up a look or tame a look down! You can purchase New CID in MOD in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

2. Illamasqua - Sangers £16.50

I have a lot of red lipsticks in my kit but this is always my go-to one. This is the perfect blood red colour. If you love the classic vintage look then this is the red for you. Although it is matte is applies very smoothly and doesn't dry out throughout the day (hate when that happens!) It lasts all day without fading and most importantly it doesn't transfer so your other half will be pleased about that too!

3. MAC - Myth £15.00

A very popular nude lipstick and can be used on any skin tone and looks amazing. Now I know it's just a nude and can be quite boring but no not this one! It can be worn on its own or I like to mix it with other lipsticks to lighten. Some people find this lipstick too pale but I quite like it as apposed to pink nudes.

4. New CID Cosmetics - Fuschia £16.00

My favourite bright pink colour! So pigmented and looks amazing again with any skin tone. I like to wear this when I have fake tan on as but in the colder months I wore this lip with my peely wally skin and it just gave me a pop of colour to brighten up my dull black outfits that I tend to wear in winter. The packaging for the New CID lipsticks are so trendy with a built in mirror and cheeky wee light so perfect if you're out in a dark club and need to touch up your lipstick, no need to wait in the toilet queue for ages, wap out your lipstick, turn on the light and off you go!

5. MAC - Rebel £15.00

So this was my first purple lipstick I bought and it has always stayed my favourite. It is really long-wearing. This is a good lipstick if you want to be slightly daring as purples are slowly taking over the makeup world. I love how versatile it is. As some of you will know I like to mix my lipsticks and I love experimenting with this colour using different lip liners. It's an eye catching lipstick and can be worn on its own or vamp it up with a subtle smokey eye. Sorry for the awful state of this lipstick haha I feel pretty sorry for it. It's clearly on its last legs.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite lipsticks. I'm sure in the next few months my favourites will change so will then have to do an updated version. 
I would love to know what your favourite lipsticks are so get in touch!   

Makeup & Hair Tutorial - Victorian Gothic Bridal Look - Sundays Shoot

So for this shoot I wanted to show some vintage makeup and hair styles. And for this one in particular I went for the Victorian gothic style. 

Follow these steps to find out how I achieved this look. 

1. I sectioned Jenna's hair and curled her hair using GHD's. I wanted the curls to be quite big therefore took bigger sections. 
2. I sprayed her hair with Fudge Skyscraper hair spray and back combed her hair slightly. 
3. Using my back combing brush, I combed back part of the front of her hair very tightly and pinned into place. And sprayed with hair spray to keep smooth.  

1. As Jenna has very dry skin I applied Illamasqua Hydra Veil as her primer. This instantly puts hydration into the skin and cools it down and calms down the redness, it's also good to put on after waxing your eyebrows or shaving your legs! 
2. For her base I used Illamasqua Skinbase foundation in 02 and used MAC Studio Fix concealer for her under eye area and blemishes. And set this with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light. 
3. I lightly contoured using MAC Powder Blush in Harmony and applied New CID Ice Pop blusher to the apples of her cheeks. I also lightly filled in her brows with New CID I-groom. 
4. As her lip was such a statement, I wanted to brighten her eyes to balance the look out. Therefore I used MAC Paints in Bare Canvas as a base on the lid to neutralise any redness and I also applied a light matte brown into the crease of her eye to define her socket. To brighten her eyes I used New CID I-open to her waterline which really made Jenna's eyes pop. Jenna has lovely long lashes but I added a set of corner false lashes from Eldora which just added some volume. 
5. For her lips I wanted them to be matte and a really dark red therefore I used MAC Currant lip liner to line her lips only then mixed New CID Very Cherry lipstick and Chanel No. 36 lipstick together and applied on top. I then went round the lip area with a concealer to sharpen the lips and went back in with the lip liner to define. 
6. Lastly I applied a touch of highlighter to her brow bone, cheekbones and carefully to her Cupid's bow.   

You can find the full album of photos here.

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